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The Right Windows & Doors For Your Home

If you are like us, you will agree that there is nothing worse than ugly, ill-proportioned windows and doors.We have spent the last 50 years ripping them out, throwing them away and installing beautiful new ones. New ones that are well-made, well-specified and have been carefully designed to really enhance the architectural integrity and value of your home. So, come and see us.We will listen to what you are trying to achieve, show you our wares (which we think you will love) and give you an idea of what it might cost - without any fuss or hassle.

We would love to work with you!

So Just How Satisfied Are Our Customers?

Our team cares passionately about doing a great job - after all our reputation, which we've built for over fifty years, depends on it. So after every installation, all our customers receive a one-click satisfaction survey with just four choices:

GOLD = Truly Outstanding!   GREEN = Great!   AMBER = Good   RED = Disappointed

The responses we receive are shown in the chart here and, rather bravely some might say, this is updated in real time. Customers may add comments too, the most recent of which are displayed below. Browse all others by clicking the link below.

Last Month’s Reviews

" The two Men, Pan and Adam, worked really hard all day without a break. Their workmanship was perfect. They left no mess. When they found the frame would not fit, they had to remove the front step, so that the frame could be installed and then replace the flag stones this was done perfectly. "

Mrs C


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