Hands up how many of you started 2017 by setting a goal to be more active?!  And hands up how many of you have let that fall by the wayside?  We know we have!  It’s not always easy prioritising fitness in our busy hectic lifestyles but as we learnt from talking to Matt De’Ath, personal trainer and director at CoActive Health, a private personal training gym in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, it’s all about mindset, installing healthy habits and considering the bigger picture!

Personal Trainer Matt D'Ath (Left) with Business Partner Roan (Right)

1: How did you get in to personal training and what services do you offer at CoActive Health?

Whilst studying for my sports science degree at Loughborough I decided to qualify as a trainer as I was spending so much time in the gym anyway.  Seeing the results that quality training can bring soon had me hooked and I’ve had a passion for it ever since.

After years of working in commercial and private gyms, myself and Roan (my business partner) realised that all they really cared about was the bottom line.  We decided to create a ‘no excuse’ environment centred solely on getting clients results – hence CoActive Health was born.

We are a private personal training gym offering two tiers of membership.  We do traditional 1:1 sessions as well as small group semi-private personal training.  This ensures that every training session is coached and that clients get the most out of themselves every time they train.

2: On your website you talk about the importance of mind set.  Can you elaborate on this?  How and why is this important and how can we get ourselves into the right mind set for exercise?

As with any goal your mind set will ultimately decide whether or not you achieve it.  All goals will require change and getting out of your comfort zone, we try to break down people’s goals into small steps so that over time significant progress is made.  It’s all about consistency and installing healthy habits.  We try to create a positive ‘can do’ atmosphere at CoActive where by everybody is striving for improvement.

3: What’s the secret to building exercise into our regular routine?

There is no secret to building exercise into your life, you either want to do it or you don’t.  If busy Company CEOs to working mums can find time to train you can.  It all comes down to priorities.

4: There’s no such thing as a quick fix but I’ve got six weeks until my summer holiday – what can I do in such a short space of time to get my body looking it’s best?

People are eternally searching for the magic pill that will transform their physique in a matter of weeks.  Well if we had it, I would of retired mortgage free years ago.  I could suggest manipulating your carbohydrates and water alongside some intensive metabolic conditioning but when it comes down to it nothing beats steady progress over time.  In fact you can sometimes cause more harm than good if you put your body through extreme measures.  So the best advice I have for people going on holiday in six weeks is to start training 12 weeks ago!

5: How can we incorporate fitness into our lives outside of the gym?

Incorporating fitness into our lives outside of the gym is usually a case of getting out into nature as much as possible.  Walking is hugely underestimated in terms of its benefits to health, we like to call this ‘working in’ as it energises you rather than runs the body down.  Regular walks outside in the country side is fantastic way of de stressing and keeping the body active.

6: A healthy, fit lifestyle isn’t just about exercise.  What other important components should one consider?

We like to consider the whole picture when consulting with clients on their health.  Sleep is the most underrated component to our health.  Quality sleep (by quality, we mean you go to bed before 11pm, fall asleep within 5 mins and sleep through until 6-8am feeling refreshed and energised) is the best anti-ageing, muscle building and fat burning activity you can do. 

Obviously, nutrition is vitally important.  One of the most common issues we see is malnourishment, whereby people are eating too many empty calories (processed food) instead of nutrient dense whole foods. 

Finally, we have already touched on it but having a good mind set makes a real difference. How we think manifests into our physical reality so if we are constantly giving ourselves negative affirmations such as “I’m fat” and “I can’t do this” then that’s not going to get you any closer to your goal.  Here at CoActive we do all we can to set our clients up for success and once they start moving in the right direction and getting some positive results it’s amazing how their outlook improves for the better.

7: Entering a gym for the first time can be intimidating, what tips would you offer to anyone thinking about signing up and getting started?

We appreciate gyms can be an intimidating place especially to the uninitiated.  It’s just a case of going for it and being honest enough to admit that you could do with a little help and guidance to help reach your health and fitness goals.  When it comes down to it you’ve got to take responsibility for your health because if you don’t no one else will!

CoActive Health is located in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire.  To find out more about what they offer visit, email or give Matt or Roan a call on 01494 873531.

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