Elegant windows for a beautiful rural Idyll

‘We felt very secure about the quality of Jack Brunsdon’s work. We just can’t believe how good it looks.’ A glowing testimonial from the owners of this now picture-perfect cottage…

When Deborah and Simon moved into their beautiful mellow Cotswold stone house there wasn’t much work to be done, but replacing the windows – some of which were very old – topped the list of jobs.

“Some of the glass was the pre-floatation type, so there were little bubbles in the window and we knew immediately they were very old,” says Deborah. “Some of them rattled, there were definitely drafts and we had issues with heat loss.

“Because the cottage is very long there’s a lot of exposure and it’s quite cold here during the winter. It was when we had our first year of heating bills we decided the windows were going to be a priority.”

Deborah, a university lecturer, and Simon, a director of a research lab, decided to shop around before making a decision on which company to use.

“We went to have a look at Jack Brunsdon because they are very local to us and we were very impressed with what we saw,” Deborah says. “Our neighbours had used Jack Brunsdon and we liked what we heard but wanted to get a few quotes. We contacted some other companies, but with little success. We knew we wanted timber frames and there aren’t many companies that make them. We had a quote from a large company, but they were very unhelpful in terms of their advice and were rather pushy about trying to get us to agree to go ahead. We wanted time to mull over our decision.”

Aesthetics, too, were an important consideration.

“We wanted white to match the existing windows and we also wanted as much light into the cottage as possible, so we wanted narrow window bars. Jack Brunsdon were able to provide these. Having seen our neighbours’ windows we felt very secure about the quality of Jack Brunsdon’s work and it was for all these reasons we chose them. While the house isn’t listed, the ones on either side are, so Deborah and Simon felt strongly they wanted windows that were in keeping with both their house and those surrounding it and were very happy with the result.

Initially Deborah was worried about having the windows replaced as it seemed like such a large job.
“I didn’t believe it could be done as neatly as it was and the repair work they did afterwards was excellent. I expected everything to have to be made good by us, but actually they plastered it in very neatly and then painted very neatly too. The Jack Brunsdon team were very polite and efficient and I just couldn’t believe how good it looked.”

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