A colourful aspect

The Crawfords moved into this property in 1978 and immediately set about turning it into a colourful, comfortable space. 

The timber windows exemplify their approach – they are finished in a beautiful sky blue shade that works perfectly, adding bags of character to the elegant Victorian façade.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that the couple began replacing some of the windows. They said: “One room in particular was really bad because it’s on the side of the house that gets all the wind and the rain. We got a carpenter to do it, but later we realised what we actually needed was double-glazed windows.

“We’ve noticed a difference with the double glazing in place. The kitchen in particular; when we come down in the morning to make a cup of tea the room is still warm from the night before, despite the fact we haven’t got any heating on. It just retains its warmth from the windows.

“We got on very well with Jack Brunsdon. There was one particular chap who was very good indeed and we’re very happy with the way the windows look.”

Getting it right was important because the house is the oldest bar one in the street and is built on what was once the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

The Crawfords maintain a keen interest in the history of the house. “A lot has been done to it over the years. There used to be servants – even in a house of this size. There were bells in each of the rooms and we still have the mechanisms in the loft.”

All in all it shows that modern technology – such as that used in the crafting of Jack Brunsdon windows – can be a brilliant addition to a period house.

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