Brighter, Airier, Perfect

When Jim and Caroline moved into their house six years ago, they knew they were going to make some changes and, in the intervening years, the couple have made the house brighter, airier and perfect for a young family.

The exterior of the house, which is in the corner of a quiet residential cul-de-sac in Berkshire, has been brought right up to date with the installation of beautiful timber windows from Jack Brunsdon & Son.

Originally the house had dark-framed windows with leaded lights, but the couple decided to give it a makeover with wooden windows in a beautiful grey shade by Farrow & Ball. The transformation gives the house a fresh, modern appeal.

The windows were replaced in two stages and the garage door was matched in the same paint shade. At the back, the Jack Brunsdon bi-fold doors, which link the sitting room to the garden, have been finished in a dark blue.

Caroline says: “The house looked really dark from the outside and we thought we wanted to do something different. The windows look very different from the other houses in the street and are much more modern.

“I think the house is warmer. We don’t have any draughts around the windows, which we used to have. It’s quieter too – we chose the noise-reduction glass for the front because of the proximity of the road and it really does make a real difference.

“When we made the decision and we were waiting for the windows to be installed I had sleepless nights worrying if I had done the right thing, whether the neighbours would like it, whether it would be too different. But I was so glad once it was done and the neighbours love it. We also feel more secure with windows that are fully lockable.”

Jim has identified other benefits. “The energy bills have come down too,” he says, “both the gas and electricity.  The gas central heating is probably the biggest faller.”

The couple are also full of praise for the Jack Brunsdon installation team.

Caroline says: “They were great. We had them at two different stages and the same team – a father and son working together – came on both occasions. They were lovely, really tidy, and they finished everything really nicely. They were great to work with.”

Jim adds: “The quality of the finish is very high indeed. You tend to see people get three for the price of two or two windows for the price of one, but the windows are just banged in.

“The Jack Brunsdon team also did a couple of odd jobs while they were here. We had a problem with the back door and we asked their advice on it. Not only did they give us their advice, but they fixed it while they were here. Within five minutes they’d done it.”



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