Edwardian property is now the 'perfect family home'

Trevor and Angela moved into their Edwardian house in Buckinghamshire 32 years ago and set about creating what they now describe as “the perfect family home”.

Deciding last summer, then, to replace the windows at the rear of the property was a big decision – but one that had to be made.

“The attic windows were in a very poor state,” Angela says. “In a house that is over 100 years old they were falling apart and almost impossible to shut having been painted over so many times, so we really had no other option.  Also, the wisteria around the lounge window had broken through a couple of the leaded lights.

“I had a quote from another windows company but as soon as the company’s representative started assessing the window requirements, I thought ‘he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about’, especially a job as specialised as this.

“It is a character house in a Conservation Area and we wanted the job done properly. We wanted to replace like for like and not just put in something cheap and cheerful. It would have been so out of keeping with the character of the house.”

In all, the couple had eight windows replaced by Jack Brunsdon & Son, including four large bay windows, all featuring triple-glazed panes, extra wide 9mm leading and all finished in Old English White.

Angela believes the project benefited from the care and attention possible with a specialised windows company.

“The team that came were superb.  I don’t think they could have done a better job. They were absolutely amazing, especially considering the adverse conditions with the wisteria. I just don’t think another firm could have done that.

“They had to winch the wisteria away from the window so that they could work.  I feel any other firm would have taken a saw to it or just said ‘sorry, but we can’t do this'. The Jack Brunsdon team managed to preserve the wisteria and they did a brilliant job.

“Six months later we are delighted with the quality of this installation. The windows actually open and shut – beautifully – and we don’t have to have that awful secondary glazing. Aesthetically that’s a huge bonus, creating noticeably lighter and brighter rooms.”

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