Neo-Georgian splendour

Manufactured In Engineered European Redwood And Carrying 18mm Astragal Bars.

This homeowner was looking for replacement timber windows that would have all the benefits of modern performance sash windows while retaining the elegant neo-Georgian aesthetic of the originals... 

When Jane decided she wanted to change the windows of her house, she spent a long time weighing up the options. She had lived in the house, which was built around 30 years ago, for the past 15 years and the windows were the one aspect she had never been totally happy with.

“They were never particularly good and many of them wouldn’t even open,” she says. “I thought I might try to change the style of the house by having completely different windows and maybe even coloured frames, but eventually i decided to retain the more traditional Georgian style.”

Jane considered various options before finally deciding what she was going to do. She then visited the Jack Brunsdon & Son Showroom in Henley so she could see exactly what the windows would be like.

“I had three quotes, but I finally chose Jack Brunsdon & Son mainly because their product was by far the best looking. The original windows had such slim glazing bars and I wanted to replicate that feature. However, no other company that I found could offer such a window.”

“The original windows did look beautiful because they were so delicate. The thought of replacing them with something less elegant was quite a concern, however the new windows are really lovely. They are not quite as slim as the originals, but they do look fantastic, particularly in the sitting room, which was the room I was most worried about.”

It’s not just the look that Jane is pleased with, but also the degree of functionality. “I've noticed the new windows don’t rattle at all and I can no longer hear the planes flying overhead. It’s great to have a door that locks with just one handle – before there were bolts and keys. I love the solid brass hardware too.”

The entire job took only two weeks and the windows, which are hidden spring balanced sashes, look perfectly in keeping with the elegant lines of the neo-Georgian house and Jane found the
process very easy.

“It took two weeks for them to be replaced. The guys were great, very clean and tidy and sensible. In the en-suite bathroom we have a granite sill and they had to grind away a few centimetres. I was worried about damage occurring, but it wasn’t a problem and I’m thrilled with the finish. The guys came out looking like snowmen with the amount of grinding they’d had to do, but they cleared up every speck of dust.”

The old bathroom windows were glazed with a dated patterned glass. Jane wasn’t fond of it and wanted something more stylish.

“The new ones are so much nicer. They totally obscure the view from outside. We even went outside one night to decide if we needed to replace the blind in the bathroom. All we could see through the new glass was the vague outline of a person. I’d definitely recommend Jack Brunsdon. I was extremely pleased with the installation team and indeed all the employees with which I dealt.”

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