Slim windows for stone Cottages

1. What was the background to the project?
We moved into the house just over a year ago and the windows that were already in reminded me more of office windows than cottage windows. They were poorly double glazed wooden casement windows with dark wood which were ill fitting and difficult to open. The windows did not compliment the house. The door was also ill-fitting and draughty. It was dark wood and was also difficult to open and close. The effect of both the door and the windows was to make the house look very dark. We needed to lighten the frontage of the house, give it a more cottage feel and cut down the draughts.

2. Why did you choose Jack Brunsdon & Son products?
We chose Jack Brunsdon and Son because we had used the company before. In our last property they replaced metal windows with much more efficient aluminium ones that matched perfectly with the originals. They were helpful, courteous and efficient. We saw the windows that we wanted in the show room when we took a visit to see the range on offer. They were aluminium but looked like route red timber frames and they provided the cottage look we were after. The double glazing was also of a high standard. When we were in the showroom we also noticed the doors on show and were very impressed with them so we decided to also go for a Jack Brunsdon front door which fits well and is in the right style for the house.

3. What has been your reaction to the finished job?
The job was done by the fitters that we requested and was done very efficiently with little fuss or disruption. The fitters used methods of finishing that were very much in keeping with the design of the house and made sure the windows and doors looked as if they were part of the house and meant to be there. We have had many locals pass the house and comment how much they have changed the house and how wonderful it all looks. The job has brightened the house inside and out and given the building an authentic cottage feel. I would definitely recommend Jack Brunsdon to anyone who asks.

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