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Jan and Tony’s beautiful north Surrey house began life as a pub during the reign of Queen Victoria and remained one until the 1960s.

The couple moved in around a year ago and had the windows replaced by Jack Brunsdon & Son six months later. The sash windows were dated and rather damaged in places and, because the house is on a road, they decided to install double-glazing to cut down on noise and to keep the house warm.

Tony, who is a sculptor, uses five rooms in the basement of the house as a studio and workshop, so it was important to get the windows perfect in that area of the house too.

“I definitely notice it’s warmer in places where the old windows were very leaky,” Jan says. “It’s been a great improvement as you could actually feel the wind whistling through.”

Jan and Tony did a lot of research before deciding which windows to go for.

“We looked at a local firm but I wasn’t in the least bit impressed with the look of their windows,” Jan says. “They were too clumsy, too thick and a bit too plastic-looking.

“Jack Brunsdon opened a branch near us just as we were looking, so we went to see them and were very impressed. They advised us to go to their flagship showroom in Blenheim so we did and were very glad we had. We saw wooden and PVC windows.

“For a period property – where you want to keep a look – Jack Brunsdon were the best [company] of any we saw in terms of being in keeping with the style. We chose wooden windows for the front and PVCu for the back.

“So many people comment on how attractive the front of the house is and, because of its age and history, we wanted to keep it identical in style and to have that fineness of look. In the end, their PVCu windows were great. We could have gone for them in the front and they would have been just as good.”

Initially Jan and Tony looked at various colours, but really knew all along they wanted to stick with white for the windows and doors. Jan and Tony couldn’t have been happier with how the process went.

“The fitters were great. When the job started to run a bit behind time because of an issue, they simply brought in some more people so they finished when we expected them to. They were very good at cleaning up, but they made very little mess in the first place.

“It was a big job and we wanted to keep within budget. Jack Brunsdon was a bit more expensive, but you pay for quality. The elegance of the windows speaks for itself and we have no complaints. You don’t mind paying for quality.

“They looked after us, they were really responsive and their team worked really hard. They were very experienced – they knew their job and got on with it.”


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